Rhonda Greenbury

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Rhonda Greenbury

Payroll Specialist
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My top reasons for joining LiveCA are being able to design my work schedule, being able to work from anywhere in the world, as I love to travel often and the ability to grow with a company professionally.  You might find me figure skating on a mid-day exercise break during an extended lunch, or checking in from my family cottage, cabin or second home in northern Ontario. Most of all, being able to move up in a company is very important to my payroll career, as my heart is in leading and managing long-term, as I am pursuing my payroll designations.

Educationally, I'm a student for life, I will continue to certify, educate and designate for my entire life, it's just who I am.  That multi-passionate desire to learn and explore has given me an educational background in nursing, accounting and payroll, paralegal and clinical aromatherapy.  I am currently maintaining my Paralegal license with the Law Society of Ontario, as well as a certification as a Clinical Aromatherapist with the Canadian and US professional associations.  I'm also an NCCP Level 1 figure skating coach.  And I am currently working on resurrecting a designation I allowed to lapse while having children, my Payroll Compliance Practitioner, which I should complete by July.  I have 22 years of corporate and small business accounting, over 3 years of corporate payroll experience, 5 years of office management for small and non-profit businesses and over 13 years of new venture creation and management.

In my spare time, you can find me figure skating, coaching figure skating, attending aromatherapy-related conferences and events, attempting to relearn water skiing and wakeboarding, hanging out on the beaches of Lake Huron with my family, painting both art and just plain wall painting, including murals, renovating or making things beautiful.  I'm a mom to 5 wonderful children, two of them are adults and I have two dogs and one granddog.