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How much are your services?

It depends.

It's probably not the answer you'd like to hear because at the very least, you'd like to see a range.

As we work with many organizations of different sizes, prices vary depending on complexity, urgency, size and the services you'll need.

Rather than set pricing expectations that may not match your unique situation, we'd love you to reach out and go through our discovery process. At this point, we'll be able to provide specific prices and options to work within your own situation.

Who do you tend to work with?

You'll likely see value in our services if either you're generating over $1M in sales or have runway of at least a year.

More importantly, you believe you're building something meaningful and care about the financial well-being of your company.

Why are there no prices on this page?

We put a lot of effort into a customized financial plan that spans everything from tax, technology, and internal procedures. Because each corporation is in a different position, our price ranges are quite large and we'd rather earn your trust during the sales process so you can truly compare us to others.

There's nothing worse than overcharging someone because it's your 'standard package' or undercharging and constantly experiencing frustration due to 'scope creep'.

What can I expect if I hire you?

We tend to be the last accounting firm a company works with before bringing everything in-house. While other online firms are typically cheaper, few have the depth, abilities or experience to keep your stress levels low and get it right the first time.

To that end, we serve you the way we'd want to be served and never settle for mediocrity.
View All FAQs

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