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A look at our milestones over the years

LiveCA Launched

Chad & Josh meet in February 2013 with the idea of combining technology & tax under one roof.


Developing our Community & Team

In 1 year, our 11-member team became a rapidly growing Canadian accounting firm, forging ties with Xero, Hubdoc, and Receipt Bank. We spoke at conferences, participated in podcasts, and took our inaugural retreat to Algonquin Park.

The Onboarding & Tech Teams were created, setting the foundation for what we're known for today.

Xero Accountant Canada LiveCA

Xero Comes to Canada

In 2015, we presented at the First Canadian Xero event in Vancouver and a National Bookkeeper’s Conference as Xero's largest partner.

The LiveCA team grew to 16 team members.

The Year of Bear Camp

In 2016, we held a team retreat in Toronto in January and another retreat at Bear Camp in July. By end of 2016, we had a team of 20 with a larger Onboarding & Tech Team.


First firm in Canada to virtually certify a CPA

In May 2016, we were approved by CPA Ontario to train CPA students in the Pre-approved Program Route (PPR).  At the time, we were the first virtual CPA firm with a pre-approved student training program in Canada.

The rules have been in place since 1902 and both CPA Ontario and CPA Canada worked incredibly hard behind the scenes to help modernize legislation.

Bookkeeping, Office Managers, & Pods

In January 2017, we had a team retreat in Las Vegas & the Bookkeeping Team was formed. In May, we hired our first two Office Managers and in July we created our first Client Service Pods.


The Accounts Payable & Payroll Teams

In September of 2017, we had a team retreat in Prince Edward Island. At that time, we were a team of 42 employees and at that retreat we announced the new Payroll and Accounts Payable Teams.

Travel, Tax Team, & Managers

In October 2018, we rolled out a travel allowance to the team of 50 and from that saw team co-working trips to Portugal, Mexico, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Costa Rica, & the list goes on! We also put in place a dedicated Tax Team, an Operations Manager, and an HR & Culture Manager.


Workations & Meet-Ups

In 2019, our team of 60+ took part in regional meetups across 6 provinces, co-worked & had workations in new time zones like Japan and Thailand, & met up with Chad and his family as they traveled across Canada in their RV.


Despite challenges during this time, we supported our team and customers well.

A dedicated government relief task force was set up, emergency leave situations were covered and each customer received extra attention to address the stresses of these few years.


Renewed Business Model

The pandemic taught us that no business is immune to economic shifts.

We doubled down on what we're good at (recurring, repeatable controllership and tax services) and built an exclusively Canadian-based team that ensure you get emails answered, work done on time and a tech shoulder to lean on to get it all right.

The LiveCA Story

How We Started

In February 2013, Josh and Chad met to share what they were doing with their own respective companies. It was clear that matching tax with tech had a lot of potential.

A few months later, they had a joint bank account (without ever meeting) and the trust has never faltered since.  


Our Journey

As the company began to grow, it was clear
With the introduction of new partners, service offerings and a relentless focus on systems, we're able to serve larger and faster growing companies more effectively.

Our Journey

LiveCA is a completely different firm than it was in 2013.

With the introduction of new partners, service offerings and a relentless focus on systems, we're able to serve larger and faster growing companies more effectively.


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