Accountant London
JP Theriault
Onboarding Associate

LiveCA’s dedication to the best experience through technology and amazing people is what made me want to be part of the team. I need to be on the cutting edge of finding ways to do regular things more easily and efficiently. The team at LiveCA challenges me to bring what I have to the table and to make something of value of it for our clients.

After attending the University of Western Ontario and seeking my degree in Arts and Humanities I changed gears and attended OIART and graduated with a Diploma in Recording Technology. Since then I’ve worked around Canada in a number of industries that rely heavily on technology and customer service.

On the weekends you can find me chasing a giggling toddler around my living room, visiting a local market, fingerpicking a tune on the guitar, trying to read a classic with a furrowed brow, or finding the best spot to eat with my wife.

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