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CareGuide is a Canadian company that provides a platform to connect individuals with various types of caregivers, including nannies, housekeepers, pet sitters, and elder care providers.

"Instead of looking for that perfect 'Black Swan' hire who can wear half a dozen finance hats, I now have a turnkey solution that handles all the finance functions I need" - Ken Scott, CFO


Had experienced turnover in their finance team and were looking for someone to fill that gap.

  • Bookkeeping/AP/Payroll/Reporting were all completed by one person.
  • Took longer than 40 hours a week to complete
  • Had to find someone that knew benefit reconciliations, Stripe payment reconciliations, processing payroll, and could also finalize a reporting package for a fast growing company.
  • Finding that person proved difficult, so they looked for alternatives


We worked with them to move everything under one roof, giving them one point of contact for all financial matters and providing a team of 6 specialists.

  • Complete all Bookkeeping, AP, Payroll and Tax functions
  • Produce a month-end close package for the CFO
  • Monitor all CRA mail and coordinate responses
  • As the company changes, they can add or remove services
  • A full finance team for less than the price of a full-time hire


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Does LiveCA offer CFO Services?


We know CFO services mean different things to different people. To us it means financial strategy and leadership.

We're focused on recurring transactional services within bookkeeping, AP, AR, payroll, controllership and tax.

How much are your services?

It depends. We use a budgeted hour model to determine how much time each function uses on a recurring basis.

We charge a calculated fixed amount per month.

A $10M digital services company with 50 FTEs engaging for controllership, bookkeeping, AP, AR, payroll and tax pays a median price of $7,000/mth.

A $2M e-commerce company with 5 FTEs using controllership, bookkeeping, payroll + tax pays a median price of $2,000/mth.

Where does LiveCA stop and a CFO start?

We handle all back-office functions as you'd expect (bookkeeping, AP, AR, payroll, tax) right up to the recurring monthly close.

CFOs typically take over from there.

Can I scale up or down?


We tend to be the last accounting firm a company works with before bringing roles in-house.

Services can be added/removed anytime.

Who else do you work with?

We've worked with some of Canada's fastest growing startups including WealthSimple, Koho, Maple, PagerDuty, and TechTO.

We enjoy working with most industries, including e-commerce, agencies, professional services, retail and tech.
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