A look into the culture and open opportunities at LiveCA
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Employee INFO

Perks & Benefits

We believe that freedom in your job brings more meaning to your life.

  • Work Remotely 100% of the time, from anywhere in the world.

  • Everyone starts with 3 weeks vacation and 3 floating holidays (for days of observance outside Canadian stat holidays)

  • 10 Physical/Mental paid health days

  • $2,000 Health Spending account

  • 100% paid extended health benefits (with no co-pay)

  • All the equipment you'll need (Macbook, monitor, accessories, etc)

  • Opportunity to grow professionally as you work with some of Canada's most unique companies

Q&A From Our HR Manager

Thinking of joining LiveCA?

Meet our Culture Manager, Brianna Courneya. She'll walk you through the hiring process and give you insights into what it's like working at LiveCA.

Steps of the Hiring Process




Internal Screening




Technical Assessment



Open Positions

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In the CPA program?

We have a Pre-Approved Program in Ontario, Alberta & British Columbia and support CPA students across all provinces through the Experience Verification Program

Employee Story

I didn't have to choose between work and family

Working at LiveCA has enabled me to build an exciting career that is flexible for my life. Here, I am more than my role, but a student, mother, and world-traveller. I no longer have to choose between being a professional and my personal well-being, living a happier and healthier life

person using tablet computerperson using phone in swimming poolperson holding surf board
person using phone in swimming poolperson using tablet computerperson holding surf board
Employee Story

Tremendous impact on my quality of life and work life balance

Working at LiveCA has given me flexibility and freedom that I never thought existed in the accounting profession. Whether it’s traveling and working abroad, spending extended time with family in other provinces, or focusing on my physical and mental well-being in a way I haven’t been able to in the past.

Employee Story

A professional athlete & CPA

LiveCA has been the perfect fit for me. Here I am able to pursue my professional goals as a CPA while being a professional hockey player for the Toronto Six in the Premier Hockey Federation. I am so grateful to have an office that goes where my hockey schedule takes me.

person using tablet computerperson using phone in swimming poolperson holding surf board

Las Vegas Retreat

BC Bear Camp Retreat

Our Mission

LiveCA's Promise To Our Team

“Our mission is to be a profitable, remote CPA firm that’s both a great place to work and delivers a great customer experience. LiveCA will be a place where people work normal hours, make a good living, treat each other with respect, support one another, and have autonomy over their own lives.” That means having coverage for every role along with the right balance of oversight and support.  It means that we won’t freak out when people leave and we’ll be able to replace them quickly without overstraining those around them. It means we can take vacations without stressing about who’s going to handle our workloads. It means we can stop stressing about our bank account each month and that we’ll have enough buffer to access additional resources when needed. Finally, it means we won’t forget the customer and will consider the impact on a great customer experience when making our decisions.
person using tablet computerperson using tablet computerperson using tablet computerperson using tablet computer