Quickbooks Cash: Can you use it in Canada?

No, you cannot use Quickbooks Cash in Canada.

Currently, this Visa Debit product is only available to US citizens and corporations only.

Here is some additional information about Quickbooks Cash: 

  • The card is administered by Green Dot Bank, but operates under other trade names such as GoBank and Bonneville Bank.
  • This is not available to all customers.
  • There is a Bill Pay component which is provided by Evolve Bank and is powered by Melio.
  • ACH transfers are free, but a personalized card is required. There will be limits here.
  • ATM withdrawals are free, but only in network with AllPoint. All other ATMs charge a $3 fee + any ATM owner fees.
  • FDIC insures amounts up to US$250,000 upon verification of an individual card holder. So if youhave multiple businesses owned by the same person, this limit refers to the first $250,000 across all entities.
  • The actual interest rate paid is based on the average number listed on the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s national rate website.
  • Interest is paid on balances in Envelopes only and is paid at the end of the billing cycle and is separately tracked.
  • Receiving money through Quickbooks Payments allows you to have access to these funds in approximately 30 minutes, subject to third party delays.

To learn more about Quickbooks Cash, visit their website here.