Canada’s First Online Chartered Accounting Firm Targets Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Goodbye Mahogany Desks, Hello Technology; Meet Your Online Chartered Accountant

TORONTO: Thanks to technology, entrepreneurs and small business owners in Canada now have access to a new digital accounting service.

Online accounting is bringing businesses into the digital age while saving on paper.  All the client needs? A webcam.

LiveCA is Canada's first online Chartered Accounting firm. This new online service is challenging the conventional approach, allowing entrepreneurs to remain focused on their day- to-day business-critical tasks while being able to connect to their chartered accountant on the go.According to a report by BDC 40, 200 Canadians became self-employed in 2011, demonstrating a surge in the number of Canadian entrepreneurs. This surge defines a market for services geared towards the needs of Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) and living in the digital age, most entrepreneurs are immersed in technology and how it can benefit their business.

In a market saturated with Gen Y, new technology platforms and entrepreneurial endeavours, Josh Zweig, a Chartered Accountant, entrepreneur and founder of LiveCA understands the importance of using technology to its fullest.

"Accounting is no longer just about doing taxes, but also about technology. The more accessible your accountant is and the more informed they are about accounting technology, the more value they can add to your business." says Josh Zweig, Founder of LiveCA.

While technology has improved the way businesses operate, it hasn’t dramatically changed the way accountants do business; until now. Zweig had a vision to create an online Chartered Accounting firm for entrepreneurs that would offer the convenience of an online meeting space, and accounting services that will add value to any business.

"Many accounting firms haven’t changed their work flow for years – they are still largely paper based, asking clients to come to the office to sign documents and are in the dark when it comes to cloud accounting software." says Zweig.

The idea behind LiveCA is to allow mobile entrepreneurs to remain mobile and dynamic. Removing mahogany desks and allowing today’s entrepreneurs to connect with experienced, tech-savvy Chartered Accountants online from any location is what LiveCA is all about. Clients can expect a modern approach to accounting using technology to move away from paper systems and free up time to focus on value-added services - without the overhead cost. As businesses move onto cloud based platforms and cloud accounting software becomes the norm, people are already beginning to view their accounting differently.

"Hopefully as the trend continues, people will begin to perceive their accountant as not just a numbers guy, but as someone who can really add value to their business by operating on the same wavelength and applying the right accounting technology." says Zweig.

Interested entrepreneurs and small business owners are encouraged to visit the LiveCA website to sign up for a free, personalized consultation and the LiveCA blog for smart tax and accounting tips for Canadian businesses.


LiveCA Founder Josh Zweig has a passion for entrepreneurship and technology.  Having worked a number of years in public practice, Zweig was amazed at the number of business owners who were still using the ‘shoebox’ approach to accounting.  As a result, LiveCA offers a range of services for both corporations and unincorporated businesses using a digital platform.  LiveCA also provides assistance for startups such as Best Approach and Practices Consulting as well as Information Technology and Accounting Systems Consulting.