Susan Sydor

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Susan Sydor

Bookkeeping Associate
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I was aware of LiveCA for a few years before I joined and I just knew I had to be a part of it! The idea that we can provide traditional services to clients in a non-traditional way, is amazing to me. I love that I can be part of this movement, do good work, and have more time with my family at the same time.

I am currently enrolled in an Accounting Diploma through distance learning with Red River College in Winnipeg.

My favourite thing to do is be close to nature. Whether it's going barefoot in the garden, hanging out with my animals, going for a hike in the woods, or having a nap in a hammock by the lake, if you look outside, that's where you'll find me. I also practice aromatherapy and work with fibre to weave and spin. I love keeping busy!