Meg Mitchell

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Meg Mitchell

Office Manager
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While I was trying to determine the next step in my career, I told myself that continuous growth, work-life balance, and being a part of a company with a team culture was what I wanted most. When discovering LiveCA, I knew that their priorities were one that aligned with mine. LiveCA has also provided me with the flexibility to say "yes" to my partner when he spontaneously decides he thinks we should move somewhere new, whether it be for work or going back to school!

I have a Diploma in Legal Administration from Niagara College, but took a different road in my career path and found that I loved Business Administration and People Operations. I have spent the past 6 years as an Executive Assistant, working in the accounting, private equity and automotive industry.

In my spare time I love pilates, going to spin class, and spending time with my partner and our two cats, Leo and Bells. We have a passion for travelling, supporting unique local restaurants in our area and playing video games. We've moved four times since 2016, from Ontario to Nova Scotia, and back again. It'll be interesting to find out what our next destination is!