Kait Benedict

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Kait Benedict

Bookkeeping Associate
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After three years of working in a commercial setting I was looking to transition into a firm but couldn’t figure out what the right fit would be for me. LiveCA’s ability to embrace technology and push the boundaries on what a firm could be instantly drew me in. After interacting with the team, I knew they were the right fit because everyone was so willing to help out and collaborate with one another even when we were in completely different time zones.

I completed my Bachelor of Art in History at Nipissing University. I am currently working on my Post-Baccalaureate in Accounting at Okanagan College with a projected finish date of Fall 2019. After that, I am hoping to enroll in the CPA program.

When I have spare time between my studies and work, I enjoy being outdoors and exploring whether it’s going for a walk around Kelowna to find a new café, planning a camping trip at a new park, or going on a road trip. When I’m looking to unwind and relax you can usually find me watching Netflix, checking out a new album, or podcast.