Payroll Specialist Winnipeg MB
Jennifer McFall, PCP
Payroll Specialist

I was intrigued by LiveCA’s client-focused approach and blown away by how forward-thinking and progressive the team is. After several years in the corporate world, LiveCA’s innovative approach is something I knew I wanted to be part of!

When I finished my Human Resource Management Diploma from the University of Calgary, I decided to venture from the non-profit sector to corporate payroll. I have obtained my Payroll Compliance Practitioner designation from the Canadian Payroll Association, and am currently working towards the Certified Payroll Manager designation.

In my spare time, you will find me with my two children and usually on some sort of family-friendly adventure. I enjoy beach days, easy hikes in the mountains, ice cream cones with the children, snuggles with my kitten, and attending and watching CFL games.

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