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Eve Daneva

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LiveCA’s forward-thinking approach and passion for integrating new technologies into accounting are what drew me to the firm. I often feel that the accounting industry is resistant to change and, in doing so, isolates new opportunities and the possibility of integrating more efficient systems. As someone who enjoys constantly finding ways to grow and improve work processes, I am so excited to join a team that understands the importance of moving forward in a rapidly evolving world.

I completed my Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting at Athabasca University in early 2021. Currently, I am in the CPA program working toward my designation.

Outside of work and school, you’ll probably find me at the gym! I’ve been CrossFitting since 2017 and it’s a huge passion of mine. I also really enjoy photography – a hobby of 10+ years, it’s something I like to do on the side when I have time.