Dave MacPherson

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Dave MacPherson

Partner, Strategy & Finance
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I joined LiveCA because I enjoy a challenge and lots of variety. I wanted to help revitalize an industry that really, really needed a reboot. I love helping people out and teaching them new things or new ways to do old things. I didn’t want to get bored at work. And I hate wearing pants.

I majored in accounting at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and spent the early part of my career with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). I’ve worked as an income tax auditor, a GST/HST auditor, and as an electronic accounting data specialist. At the CRA, I got really good at analyzing data and speeding up processes.

Outside LiveCA, I’m passionate about photography, food, music, retro video games, and exploring new places. I’m also an avid sports fan and stat-head, and am slowly making my way to every NHL rink for Ottawa Senators away games. I try to buy a soccer jersey and attend a match in every new country I visit.