Candice Perlino

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Candice Perlino

Experienced Office Manager
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I wanted to join LiveCA because of the shared values we have on hard work, flexibility, and constant growth. I’m excited to join a team of like-minded individuals focusing on an exceptional client experience, while maintaining a work-life balance. Also, the commute is fantastic!

My expertise in task management and organization comes from extensive training in the private sector. As a Project Manager, I successfully organized multiple construction projects from bid to completion. Before that, as a Terminal Manager for an international trucking company, I managed a team responsible for moving millions of pounds of freight across the Canada/US border weekly. I’m a curious person by nature and am always looking to learn new things.

My family and I have a passion for exploring all parts of this planet. Cross-country road trips or visiting our family in Europe is where we create our most cherished memories. At home you would find me in my kitchen making a mess, working on a project, or playing at the park with my kids.