Amir Banihashemi

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Amir Banihashemi

NoCode Developer
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I joined LiveCA for the opportunity to be part of one of the first NoCode development teams in Canada. I've been passionate about the no-code movement for the past two years, and I believe it will fundamentally change how businesses operate in the next 5 - 10 years

I completed three years of my undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Windsor. In 2020, I finished a bachelor's degree in commerce specializing in accounting from the University of Athabasca. I'm currently working on a front-end development course from Scrimba, with the aim to become fluent in Javascript.

I enjoy taking my dog Plato for long hikes and adventures around town in my free time. My two primary hobbies are chess and soccer, which I play and love spectating. I follow Manchester United in the English Premier League, but unfortunately, my team has been terrible for the last decade.