Our process starts with you.

share your goals and aspirations

You’ll hop on a call with a CPA manager to chat about what you do. We’ll get into a high level discussion of your accounting processes such as invoicing and expense tracking and ensure we address all the tax compliance needs. Feel free to ask us any tax questions on your mind!

Tech Demo
there's an app for that

Next you’ll have a chat with our tech team – accountants with programming backgrounds to go over the system side of the business. We may suggest a number of apps that may help automate or streamline some of the mundane accounting functions. If you’re already all set up, we’ll gain a solid understanding of your system to make sure we can help.

how much value can we bring to the table

You’ll have a choice of 3 fixed price plans to choose from that include all your year-end tax and compliance documents. Your CPA manager will walk you through the packages to make sure they address all the important issues and see which one is the best fit.

let's get it started (in here)

If you’ve found a package that works for you, you’ll head to your kick-off call where we’ll set up the systems, wrap up the admin, and introduce you to your team!

The Work Begins
time to let you get back to your business

We’ll teach you how to use all your new apps, and we’ll work together to develop a workflow that makes sense. You’ll have unlimited access to your accounting team using your preferred contact methods (Skype, Google Hangouts, email, etc).


We price every customer individually

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Were you wondering

What We Do

We’re a licensed Canadian CPA firm, and offer on-going Canadian tax, accounting and technology services.

What makes us different is our focus on systems. We believe that having the right accounting systems and processes means a lot more than just a faster tax return. Real time metrics and streamlined processes means you can talk about the issues that matter, when they matter – leading to better planning strategy and decision making.

Our Team

Learn more about how the LiveCA team came together.

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