Sharefile has a lot of great features that can help with corporate document management, but for Apple users, there has always been a constant source of frustration – the desktop sync application.

Let’s paint a familiar picture; it’s Monday morning, you enter your computer password and as you’re about to start working you notice an all too familiar grey icon in the menu bar that screams, “I’m broke again”.


You move your mouse over the icon and try to interact, but nothing. You try hitting the Apple logo and opening up the Force Quit window and low and behold, it’s not showing up in the list to ‘quit’. Awesome.

Luckily you can manually quit and restart the application by using the Terminal application.

Here are steps to restart the Sharefile for Mac desktop application:

  1. Click the Spotlight Search icon on the top right of your screen (or CMD+spacebar) and enter the word “Terminal”
  2. Open the Terminal application
  3. Type top -u and press return
  4. Note the PID number for the SyncEngine application (which is usually using >90% of your CPU and is at the top of the list)
  5. Press Q to return to the main terminal console
  6. Type sudo kill -9 1234 where 1234 represents the PID number you noted in step 4 (“399” in this example)
  7. Enter the administrator password and press return

This will instantly quit the hanging Sharefile for Mac application and get you back up and running again.

If this doesn’t help, it may be a good idea to reach out to Sharefile support directly and they can send through instructions for deleting the existing local configuration file by removing some Keychain values.

It can be pretty frustrating waking up to this most days but hopefully this trick will save you from having to restart your computer!