The Dynamic Accountant: Changing the Way We Think About Accounting

Published on May 7, 2013

Years ago, if you decided to purchase some accounting software for your small business it…

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The Truth About GST/HST

Published on April 21, 2013

There seem to be a lot of rumours out there when it comes to registering…

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Accounting for Gen Y: Is Accounting Cool Yet?

Published on April 9, 2013

So you know that time in conversation when you meet somebody and they ask what…

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Pay No Taxes: Can the CRA Know You’re Cheating?

Published on April 2, 2013

I’ve been approached by enough small business owners or entrepreneurs who ask me: I don’t…

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Sign up for CRA’s My Business Account

Published on March 31, 2013

How to sign up for the CRA’s My Business Account to access a host of…

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Professional Incorporation Checklist: How to Set up Your Professional Corporation

Published on March 25, 2013

Now that you know that a professional corporation is right for your practice, let’s take…

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File Your GST/HST Return Online

Published on March 21, 2013

Running a business? Here’s how to file those pesky GST/HST returns online using the CRA’s…

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What Is a Professional Corporation and Is It Right for My Practice?

Published on March 18, 2013

In a previous blog post we talked about the advantages of incorporating your business. For your…

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CRA My Account for Individuals

Published on March 14, 2013

Register for My Account for Individuals with CRA to gain access to a whole host…

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